Wallpapers can be so much more than just decorative, they are the perfect vehicle for
narrative – real or imagined, informative or educational, for a business or something
more intimate and all to reflect your personal aesthetic. Some of these patterns are made
solely from Angela’s imagination and some have been in collaboration with clients.
The collaborative process is very rewarding for all involved as everybody has
their own vision and a story to unlock – the possibilities are endless



Barbican Bathhouse

Barbican Walk

Goldfinger Aliens

Alien Carpark


Jewelled Venus



The custom service is a collaboration between Angela and the client. It’s a
celebration of subject with subtle humour. This is then set into traditional repeats,
to sit in harmony with the surroundings. The pattern comes first and narrative is there
to be discovered.


Black Lab

Robinson Crusoe Loves Goats

Hackney Downs


The OAP project is an ongoing collaboration between Angela and
various older community groups in East London. The wallpapers either
celebrate them through portraits or through their significant objects.
It is great therapy and the products developed go onto create revenue that
feeds back into these communities whilst promoting an under appreciated
sector of society .

OAP Ladies

OAP Gents

LGBT – Out and About